Hi there, Fáilte and Welcome to my Homepage

My name is 'Bailey of Munich'

I am a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy-girl
and my Daddy Heiko's big love.
Happy to meet you!

Heiko and I have been having a tough time after our beloved 'Honey Bunny'
and Daddy Troy passed away on November 7, 2012,
but he is in our souls and warms our hearts every single day.

As you can see my homepage has moved.
I have kept most part of the information from my original website.

If you wanna know what's going on in my life on four paws
I would love to invite you to check out my diary

Part Two
 July 2012 until now

Part One 
February 2011 until July 2012

Have fun and enjoy!

As a dear friend of mine I am sure that you know about my childrens' book

A children's book about love and a cute little dog.
The story of Bailey, an Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, 
and her trip from the United States to Germany.

This book gently talks about the affection for a dog 
and the love between two men, 
showing children how nice it is to just enjoy the time 
the one you have fallen in love with, 
regardless of gender, origin or color of the fur.

You can also visit me on Facebook.com